Gateway Sculpture Project at American University of Paris


Jonathan Shimony and Rafael Mahdavi are soon to unveil their Gateway Sculpture Project at the American University of Paris as part of the school’s 50th anniversary celebration. Essayist David Galloway discusses their work: Gateway Sculpture Project.

To learn more about the artist’s work:

Jonathan Shimony

Rafael Mahdavi

Jonathan Shimony & Rafael Mahdavi Discuss their Collaborative Sculpture project

Jonathan Shimony and Rafael Mahdavi talk with Celeste Schenck, president of the American University of Paris, about their collaborative sculpture project which is to be installed in Paris as part of the 50th anniversary celebration of AUP.

Jonathan Shimony Working in Lithography

Videographer Keith Lancaster presents artist Jonathan Shimony working with the lithography printmaking technique at his Atelier Atlantis in the Paris region.

Jonathan Shimony Discusses his Artwork

Keith Lancaster talks with Jonathan Shimony about his approach to art making.